Direwolf Fur

Background Story:  In 1979, I was sent to a another new boarding school, St George’s School, Ascot.  I shared a room with a girl called “Bermuda” (Michele).  We have been friends ever since, thanks to Facebook.

So, yesterday, I received in the post a packet postmark Bermuda.


Michele has two beautiful “Direwolves”, Savvy and Devon.

IMG_1240IMG_1366Photo EL2283 (1)

I have been nagging Michele to send me some of fur when Savvy and Devon are brushed/stripped.


If you are a fan of Game of Thrones (both books by George R. R. Martin and HBO’s tv series), then you will know that the Northern Inuit Dog breed were used to portray the Direwolves given to each of the Stark children when they lived at Winterfell.

Savvy and Devon have kindly donated their fur to the Brisk/Minion Fund.


I got the fur out the bag to weigh and it was so soft and beautiful.  It sat Tribble-like on our kitchen scales.


It weighs in at 2 oz or 56.699 grams.


What shall I do with it?  Put it on Fleabay or does anyone want to make me an offer for this unique and rare “Direwolf” fur belonging to Savvy and Devon who, by the way, are wonderful kind dogs.


A titten, look a little titten!


Oof, titten and nosey and dogs.  I want them all with me now (free to a good home, Wu, BeAnne and Loki).


Let me know what you want me to do.  All suggestions (legal, decent, honest and truthful) appreciated.

By the way, if you want to see just how beautiful these dogs are, Savvy took part in an amazing photoshoot by Sacha Blackburne.

I confess that I am not a huge fan of other folk’s photography (mostly out of pure jealousy) but Sacha’s pictures are incredible and I am constantly inspired by her work – Sacha Blackburne Photography

IMG_4801 copy
Photo courtesy of Sacha Blackburne Photography

4 thoughts on “Direwolf Fur

  1. Carol

    Wow, those are gorgeous dogs! I’ve never seen a dog with as big a smile as the one on the left in the photo on the lawn. They do look like pranksters. How kind of your friend. I’ll share this on Ravelry to get a wider bidding pool, if that’s all right.

  2. mandy

    as a suggestion find a local spinner and get it spun so you can sell the resulting wool. most likely have to mix it with something to make it go further …..

  3. Peter Mehlin

    I have a wonderful scarf knitted for me by a friend of mine who also spun the wool. It is mostly sheep but two strips of white and two of mottled brown, the white was from my little mutt dog Roxie and the mottled brown from my Himalayan cat Quinten. Both are now long gone but they live on in my scarf, much treasured.


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