A Wu Day

Today is a day of shite – the wind is blowing (almost a gale and far too early for the time of year) and there is fierce sporadic rain.  No one wants to go outside, although I flogged down the road and back again with the dogs, hoping they would consider it a walk – luckily, they did.

This is the kind of day that is a Wu Day, ie he is my main model as I refuse to take any camera outside and the dogs refuse to pose.

🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱

I want to be alone


Time spent with cats is never wasted


So, Mr Bond, we meet again.


Please, sir, I want some more.


Don’t dis the cat


Categorically bored


(Wu’s best friend – the fridge)


Yes, I am busy making the above pictures (apart from the fridge one) into greetings cards on Zazzle – who knows, there could be a market?!

I told you it was raining!

🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱  🐱

Time spent with cats is never wasted card

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