It’s a Hard Life

I try to check the little herd in Sandness daily but, if I don’t, there are folk who keep an eye for me and would let me know if anything was wrong.  This is the first time the MInions have been away from home and they miss their hugs and us so we all like to go as often as we can to spend time with them in their field.


Today, Daisy volunteered to come with me.

After checking the water trough had clean fresh water, we found a dryish spot and sat down in the field (yes afterwards we had wet bottoms) and waited.

It didn’t take long.


Poor Daisy – what a chore.


How she suffers.  Perhaps I work her too hard?


So, after a day of endless hugging, I suddenly went all black and white because, for me, it is something different and I was feeling very slightly arty-farty.

BN2A7826 BN2A7828 BN2A7830 BN2A7831 BN2A7833 BN2A7836 BN2A7841 BN2A7844

Anywho, I think my arty-fartyness may be over now.  It was a phase.  I have them occasionally.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Hard Life

  1. Terri

    Don’t apologize for any of your photos — they are lovely! Do what you want and experiment to your heart’s delight!


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