My Afternoon

The winter sun was low in the Shetland sky with an ominous large dark cloud threatening, so I decided to go for a little walk with BeAnne and Flossie, who both needed some fresh air.

So off we marched into the hill.

It duly started to spit a bit while the sun made a valiant effort to keep going.  There was even a faint little rainbow.

These drystone structures are traditional Shetland planticrubs and were built for sheltering  young kale plants.

I find them fascinating.  They were obviously built by someone very skilled.

BeAnne melted into the hill, like she always does.

The only way to find her is to watch carefully for something to move and that’s probably her.  As she is a Patterdale terrier, she is absolutely silent about everything (except the postman)!

As, ever Her Maj was an intrepid, if slightly damp, wee dog and, although it wasn’t a very long walk, I think she enjoyed it.

Feeling very virtuous, I went into my little shed to make a sheeple.

I am quite pleased with these two.  They are for sale…… just saying! SOLD

7 thoughts on “My Afternoon

  1. Sam

    Nice to see you all and BeAnne out for a walk. And your sheep are very lovely. Not used to dogs who stay silent, except for the Evil postman. Friends have Spanish Water Dogs who herd and guard and bark at all things real or otherwise. But their cords look remarkably like your sheep.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I learn a little bit more about your country every time I read your blog. What a great place! Love seeing you all out for a walk, even with dark skies about. BeAnne always seems to enjoy your outings and I think you folks do too. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  3. Jo

    I wondered if you were still selling your Sheeple by mail order? It would be perfect for a Christmas or Jan Birthday


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