I wanted to go town today as I was having my annual between-Christmas-and-New-Year food panic (of the animal variety).  This time of year, I like to always have one and a spare of everything I am using regularly.

Everyone equine had been inside last night as there was a bad storm.  They were fed, thrown out into their respective fields and the stable and shed quickly mucked out.


I needed to wrap a parcel to send out so I delegated the task of taking photos for the blog to Daisy.  The light was good and Daisy wandered around the field happily snapping away.


Apparently the light looked particularly good on Iacs.

BN2A1074 BN2A1088BN2A1085

Personally, I think Haakon looked much better and more beautiful.  It emphasised just how “well” he is doing this winter.


The little boys were on the other side of the fence in another field.  How do they do this?  They go under the fence, obviously.  It is their chosen route for travel.


Les Grandes Dames were making the most of the muted winter sun as well as just being outside.  They will all be indoors for a while again now – another big storm is on its way tonight.


Meanwhile, Taktur (and Kappi) were back in the field over the hill because someone (Taktur) cannot stop noisily letching at the girls.  He runs up and down fences threatening to jump so he will spend the rest of his winter over in Clothie.  If the weather is horrid, the boys will obviously come home and go into a shed.


He looks so lonely but it is his own fault.  He only has himself to blame.

4 thoughts on “Delegation

  1. Linda K

    I wouldn’t like to say who’s the prettiest of the boys but I love their woolly winter coats.
    Poor Taktur, he can’t help his hormones.


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