Little Hjalti Zzzzzz …..

Yesterday, when I crept into their field, I found Hjalti nodding off.  He likes to sleep a lot.


I put this down to growing.  By my calculations, then, he should be 18hh at least by next week.


Also, being perpetually annoyed by The Minions who never stop, he is pretty much permanently exhausted.






Hjalti is also his father’s son so he has to wake up when he sees someone because that is what his Dad does, even if his eyelids are telling him something different. When I took these photos, I tried not to disturb him – I wanted him to sleep and make the most of the rare winter sun.


This is the point of no return…. Zzzz….. and he lay flat and went to sleep with his Mum standing over him.


Hjalti is a credit to both his parents.  He has his mother to keep him on the right side of the  tracks and she does, big time.  He doesn’t move without her permission and even then, good manners are required because that is the kind of mare Hetja is.  I have never known Hetja to behave badly ever so her son is certainly not goint to.  She is one of those dignified mothers who exudes class, without ever being asked.  Everyone defers to Hetja – even the Minions (yes, I know that is hard to believe but they do behave when they are with her).


Gorgeous Himself, aka Taktur has manners that only the Royal Family could dream of.  He is a gentleman and Hjalti is most definitely his son.


I love my foal and I love his parents.

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