Dancing Around Their Handbags

Here are some photos on my way to see the ladies in Sandness….

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(even the daily lambie pic for those that want a gratuitous Ah!)


You may be aware that a few days ago, I introduced three 4 year old Shetland mares to Hetja and Esja’s field.  Hetja was becoming increasingly bored of Esja’s constant nagging to play.


It seems the plan worked.  Esja had happily bonded with the Shetland mares and Hetja was allowed to be by herself.


I check Hetja every day (if I can) and ask her how she and her baby are coming along.  She is doing well and I think appreciates the attention and the carrot.  I must remember to take my coconut oil with me and give her a good brush.


Hetja will be a wonderful mother.  Pregnancy suits her – she has very kind eyes.  Understanding.


I am sure she is happier now the pressure is off as Esja’s one and only friend.


Esja has more girls of her own age to talk to.


They can all dance around their handbags together…..


Or hang around the Mall, scream at Justin Bieber, text each other even though they are standing side by side or whatever it is that “The Young” do!


Esja is such a teenager.  Attention seeking and stroppy!

6 thoughts on “Dancing Around Their Handbags

  1. Terri

    [First of all, re: lambie photo: Ah!]
    I wonder whether you formally studied animal behavior, or you instinctively understand animals and their needs. In any case, you are a brilliant problem-solver! (that was an excellent solution to the current Hetja/Esja “situation”) Both are so beautiful…and now happier (fun too for the Shetland mares!).

  2. jen breese

    Is Esja a gruella? What color do you call her? Here we’d call her gruella. She is lovely. I can’t wait for pics of her training. 😉

    1. Frances Post author

      Her colour is described as “Blue dun (mouse dun) no white markings” on World Fengur or Móálótt in Icelandic


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