I’m Feeling Energetic

I have a new gadget thingy that came highly recommended by a friend – a Yantra Mat and cushion – it is an acupressure mat or bed o’ nails with matching cushion.  I lie on it every evening and have slept better than ever before.  My back has mostly stopped hurting.

Feeling very energised this morning, I took Haakon out for a ride.  BeAnne came too, walking along the road.  My perfect start to the day.  Four little Minions were desperate to come too but, although I like the idea of an equine cortège, I knew in my heart of hearts it would all end in tears and frustration.


After lunch, OH and I decided to take the dogs on a different walk. As lambing is well underway for everyone, the beach is about the only place where there aren’t any (and my fields).  This time of year, Loki can only be walked on our property.


We brought our own entertainment.

BN2A7809 BN2A7980

OH found a strange thing on the beach.  Apparently it is the hub of a ship’s wheel.  He lugged it home.


The beach was a huge success for everyone.


The Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) were nesting in the cliffs.  You should never approach these birds because they will accurately squirt you with a stinking oil made in the stomach.  It is eye-wateringly awful.


On the way home, in the car, after checking all the horses and ponies, by the roadside was a newly born lamb.  You can just see the blood around the ewe’s mouth.  She has licked her lamb clean.

BN2A8032 BN2A8035

As I said, it is “that” time of year but it always nice to have a good excuse to go to the beach.


6 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Energetic

  1. Rebecca Final

    Frances – while it appears you live in a place where the weather can be harsh, it is also very beautiful. Being so close to a beach would be heavenly. I lived in southern California for years, but only used the beach to walk my dogs in the winter. I’m NOT an ocean swimmer. Now I’m 3.5 hours from the ocean and miss it awfully. I have to go at least once a year for a ‘beach fix.’

    Loki and BeAnne look very happy playing on the beach. And that lamb………such cuteness. Thank you for sharing..

  2. Mairead

    So pleased to hear your back is better! And todays photos are lovely – the joy on the dogs’ faces as they are running, and the curious look on the lamb’s as s/he tried to work out what to make of you. Perfect. Thank you!

  3. Terri

    I’m so glad your back is feeling better, very encouraging. Great photos, especially the action shots of the dogs, as well as the ewe and her wee lambie. (I love seeing the source of the wool I use for knitting –currently J&S Shetland Heritage.)
    PS Keep your distance from those nasty birds!


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