Daily Task

This is my daily task – I refuse to say chore (because it isn’t something I mind doing).

The water in Hetja and Brá‘s field has dried up. Apparently, it always does this time of year.

But, no worries, every day, I take about 50 litres of fresh water and put it in their buckets.

Pregnant ladies need fresh water.

They also have a mineral lick (no sugar) bucket which they make regular in-roads into.

This is their second bucket this winter.

The girls are doing very well.  Soon they will be moved – just got to finish the second silage bale at home, move everyone and then they can come home.

Brá has “that” look.  The pregnant and I am now really fed-up look.

Hetja loves being pregnant.  You would barely know.  She could’ve just done very well this winter (please God let there be a foal in there and not a massive diet looming).

I did the other daily routine –  small carrot piece offered and given, headcollar on with no fuss, gooby eyes wiped, leftover carrot received as reward for this immense task.  Let’s just say we are getting there and Brá trusts me enough to do this.

Pregnancy suits Hetja (and it is only now I notice she is sticking her tongue out!)

Les Minions are all fine. Today was not their day to be hugged.  Just counted.

And Daddy?  He is back in work and doing very well.

I made this video as an experiment.

Can i just say that lugging all this water is killing my back.  Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Daily Task

  1. Terri

    As soon as I saw those water containers in the back of your car, I knew there would be a problem — and my own back gave a twinge. Those preggy-ladies-in-waiting are worth it though, right? Big Daddy is lookin’ good, as always!

  2. Linda

    Great video – I love watching the clouds go by, and the shadows they make come and go.

    I don’t have any children but I have seen that “I’m pregnant and I am now really fed-up” look in the eyes of a couple of girlfriends!

    Could Taktur get more handsome and noble-looking?


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