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Sitting at my desk on my laptop this morning, I glanced up to look out of the window.

(gosh that window needs a good clean – inside and out – one of these days – Mañana, mañana)

Delia and her two small charges, Albie and Newt, had taken up residence in Lambie’s little house-and-garden.  I had given them an alfalfa block to play with.

(If you are wondering who those bobbly things are on my windowsill, I shall explain – they are ‘Bert, ‘Ster and Lambie made for me by a very clever friend).  My own little “legitimate” indoor Boyzenberries!)

A little later, I looked up again – Is there anything better than a little fuzzy Shetland pony butt in your line of vision?

I mean, seriously, is there?  All 26″ (Newt has grown) of it.

After lunch, this was the view from the kitchen window.

Everyone had moved around the tiny garden and Delia was now baby-sitting while the little ones rested in the sleet/snow/rain (the weather is very cold today but yet they all prefer to lie outside when they have a lovely hay-filled shed).

She is such a good old lady.

A real friend in a dragony-give-me-my-food-now way!

Albie woke up when I tried to creep around him to take a good photo.

Newt was more laid back about things.  Oof, I love the way he sits with his hooves all tucked up out of sight.

They both are very kissy boys.

Later, I came home from the daily Lyradale visit to find the little ones were now hoovering up the spilled silage next to the big ones’ field.

Not long boys, not long!

I just wish the weather would warm up.  Grow grass, grow.

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