Feeding Efstur

Every morning Efstur is fed extra hard feed.

After dishing out the daily silage, I call him and he leaves the others to walk into the garden and have a bucket of grub.  This will make him big, strong and hopefully a Handsome Prince too.

(The Others eat their silage – they have learned not to bother trying to get the hard feed.)

The Spring grass is now beginning to show – slowly, as it is still very cold.  After their silage, a bit of a rest, they then go off a-wandering looking for the new growth.  The mud is also drying up now.

Efstur is such a good boy.  So easy going and I don’t even need to use a headcollar.  He just brings himself through the gate, eats his food and then I put him back. All with just by guiding him with my hand on his chin.

I love horses like that.  Efstur completely gets it.  He understands what is required, doesn’t panic, takes it all in his beautiful stride, and does as I ask.

Life would be very easy if they were all as nice as Efstur.  Very easy indeed.  The Gods smiled when they sent him to me.

He is going through his gangly nearly-one-year old phase – the giraffe phase, at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Feeding Efstur

  1. Linda

    Efstur looks so sweet…with that mellow personality I bet he’ll be quite the Prince!

    (Frances, you should make that first photo into cards we can buy…just sayin’)

  2. Sam

    The Gods have seen the amazing care you give to all your animals. Only right you should be rewarded with a sweetie like Efstur!


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