Computers – Gah!

It has taken me two whole days to set up a MacBook Air (not mine sadly) and get it to talk to a printer, wirelessly.  I don’t want to discuss it but suffice it to say it now works.

It has also been no weather for riding either and I haven’t had time to take my camera out and about with me because I haven’t been out and about.  If I get given a task, I cannot deviate or do anything else until it is complete.

In the meantime, Daisy has taken these photos on her travels, which are enchanting in their own right.

She found BeAnne and Mr Ducky-Wucky together under the horsevan.

When Daisy was checking the Minions, she found a small hippo was living in the field.

Luckily for Daisy the small hippo ignored her and continued eating.

Vampire cat or Monster. You decide.

I am off to sit in a dark room now.  Tomorrow is another day.

3 thoughts on “Computers – Gah!

  1. Linda Kirk

    I envy you your Computer skills.

    Be-Anne on guard duty! I always think of Newt as the baby of the herd, but he’s grown up and err, filled out, into such a handsome pony.
    I have to hand it to Monster, he’s nothing if not photogenic. You could do a calendar of all his varied poses. He always looks so chilled.

  2. Sams

    Might Water Hippo you have there along with the mysterious white Vampire. My utmost sympathies on the computer battle. Were Mr Ducky and BeAnne playing “hide from Lambie”?


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