Hetja and her son, Hjalti, live in Clothie – or Clodie as it was called in the dim and distant (apparently, according to the Shetland Museum Archives, Clodie was the location of a school in the 19th century prior to the school at Mid Walls being built.  From what is left, you can see how it was arranged.)


Anywho, Hetja rules this kingdom and obviously her son, Hjalti is Heir Apparent and very apparent he is too.  Always rushing over to see what is going on!


His two besties are Waffle and Silver.

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Hetja has given up minding about the Shetland Pony contingent and often can be seen spending time with Waffle away from the rabble (Hjalti and Silver will play forever).


Perhaps Waffle is the more mature of the two Minions and can relate to the loneliness of command and responsibility.


Hjalti is a lovely baby.  He is clever and funny, all at the same time.  He would love to have hysterics about everything but his natural curiosity always gets the better of him and he does love a nose kissey.


He is always watching, taking it in and deciding whether to react.


However, Silver and Waffle put him right.  Their basic theory is nothing is worth galloping off for because there could always be a potential calorific or hugging situation and Hooman-Mum is a good person, even if she doesn’t always appear with food.


Hjalti would love to be exciting and to fly but realistically (and genetically) he just doesn’t have it in him and, if he did, everyone would walk away and leave him to it.


They are a happy little bunch and I am glad they are together for the winter.


3 thoughts on “Clothie

  1. Linda

    For some reason, I felt like I was reading a children’s book in your descriptions…Hetja is so beautiful…she’d be the Queen, with Hjalti (of course) Crown Prince, and the Minions would be the courtiers? jesters?


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