Christmassy Things

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful” – it truly is – Force 11 as I type.  Horrid.

But, animals have to be cared for; there is no shirking just because it is raining and blowing a bit.

On Christmas Eve, knowing this weather was forecast, I moved the Minions up to the best field because I am a very nice person, thank you very much.

And today, clutching my bag of carrots, I drove over to check everyone was ok.

This field is full of long grass and has lots of shelter.  The horses/ponies were making the most of their new quarters.  It will be interesting to see if they go back into the old field, because that is where the water is. Obviously I left the gate open.

Anyway,  I was greeted with these three and promptly laughed out loud.  It looks very funny.

The bag of carrots was fairly distibuted to the hopeful and the definitely starving (not).

I told them all that bad weather was “character building” and swiftly went home……

… to eat as many of these ….

And to shovel in the traditional Yule Log.

Beautifully made by Flossie and decorated by Daisy.

Truly a cake of great beauty – note the small flock of sheep.

Delicious – I may have had a tiny slice.

So that’s us all hunkering down and riding the storm out, eating chocolate cake to be polite!

6 thoughts on “Christmassy Things

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you have a quieter night! Just starting to reach gale force down in north east England. Horrid weather and I do sympathise. Hate it when it’s windy and wet.

  2. Irmgard Falk

    Ummh, Frances, I love your stories and I adore your photos, but this yule log of your daughters’… would you mind sharing the recipe? Just asking for a friend…
    Your’s Irmel

  3. diane in northern wis

    I’m so glad to hear that beautiful chocolate cake and other delicious looking goodies are helping you and your family to weather the storm! The horses looked so cute peeking over the wall there too. Enjoy this last week of 2020! Will things get worse or better ….. now that is the question!


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