Christmas Begins

Happy days.  Christmas can now begin.  I have both my lovely daughters home and I am happy, happy, happy.

After the initial hellos, Floss wanted to see The Minions, especially the new one.  As my daughter, she has her priorities in the right order but then my daughters both know what is important.

Floss was amazed at how big the original Minions had grown and how well (*** cough *** read fat) they were.


BeAnne said What Ho!


Like every Minion, Tiddlypom took his time to suss out the newbie, ie Flossie.


He is always very fond of BeAnne (I mean, who isn’t.  What is not to love?)


But he soon realised that Floss was a soft touch.


With magic hands that could find The Spot and that was that.  Another victim, sorry, friend.


The Christmas tree can now be decorated.  That’s the girls’ job and for a change, no arguing.


I am very happy.  Everything is right now.  One more trip to Lerwick for the final ingredients and that is us.


Let Christmas begin.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Begins

  1. Vicki

    In Russian, the word for ‘to get well’ is the same as ‘to gain weight’. Love the Tid. Merry Christmas to you and the whole familia.


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