A Winter Light

I was sitting in my sh’shed busy stabbing away at a sheeple this afternoon when I looked up and saw that the fading afternoon light was utterly beautiful.

So I left the four legs and a torso, grabbed my camera, wellies and went out.

I was feeling thankful for 2021. For me, it has been an emtionally hard year in so many ways (Mum, BeAnne) but I knew deep down that was beyond my control.   So no surprises and I got through it. I am thankful for that.  It was difficult.

However, Haakon remains a mainstay in my life.  Ok, I don’t ride him but that is irrelevant. He is my boy. He always will be.  He is around.

As Floss just said (as she passed me writing the blog at the kitchen table, drinking gin, eating plain crisps and watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (great film)), “he is wonderful – a good boy who went off to eat rather than wait for hay!”.

Waiting for hay shows just how easy we are! The rest were waiting for hay. Ok, read Iacs.

…. and he told told his friends – Sóley and Lilja.


So, then with my big camera and perfect winter light, my attention was turned to Lilja who really is a lovely lady and I know I must find her a new home.  The right home. Not just any home.

She is lightly backed and such a sweetheart.

And she looks very like her dad.

Life moves on. I know that. I can change what I can change. I can try my hardest but life will keep going with or without me.  (apologies: I seem to have gone all philosphical).

5 thoughts on “A Winter Light

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Happy New Year to you and all your family, Frances. I hope 2022 proves to be a good year for you and that you and all your family and animals stay happy and healthy.

  2. darby callahan

    what a lovely post Frances. I do not ride myself much anymore but take much comfort in my horses just the same.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wishing you and all those in your family, human and critters…a wonderful New Year. I really like Lilja and will be sad to see her go, but you have to do what you have to do. Congratulations on getting thru 2021…..may 2022 be a much better year.


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