My biopsy results came back – NEGATIVE!

Yay. I am so relieved.  That was the longest 12 days of my life and I went through a gamut of emotions and scenarios in my head.

While I was waiting for the phone to ring, I busied myself by having a riding lesson with Bjørn.  I rode Haakon, who has been off-games for a few months due to various reasons (his and mine).  I want to get Haakon’s tölt back, maintain the regular beat and keep it going.  He does suffer from “kangaroo petrol” on occasions and falls out of tölt into pace.  I know it is my fault, I just needed some pointers on what to do from Bjørn.

Apparently it is all about the half-halts, doing stuff in a working walk, cornering properly (half halt, then leg yield round) and a combination of everything.  Once I learned what to do, we were tölting round  and round the school, never falling into pace.

Happy, happy.

BN2A2266 BN2A2270

I appear to suffer from “bitchy concentrating face”.  Anyway, I don’t care, I love my horse.


Daisy had a lesson on Taktur, her stallion.  She will ride him most days until she goes back to uni.  We all decided that Taktur had put on weight and was going well apart from testing Daisy a bit.  She did, he learned and they went like demons round and round.

BN2A2300 BN2A2394 BN2A2418

Bjørn had a shot too so he could feel what Taktur was doing and how best to help Daisy when she was riding.


One more go for Daisy.  Taktur was tired and had achieved and learned.  I love that horse, too.


Meanwhile, BeAnne, as usual, spent hours taking notes and an interest.


Previously, she had been very busy working as Iacs’ brain!


11 thoughts on “Celebration!

  1. John Davies

    We’re very pleased with your medical news and all of the great riding pictures; “bitchy concentrating face” looked well-practiced as well!!!

  2. Jen Breese

    SHOUTS of JOY! Oh what wonderful news! I’m so happy for you and your family. It is a huge relief I’m sure.

  3. Linda Loba

    Absolutely thrilled to hear your good news! And as always, the ponies are just beautiful. I would like to say that “bitchy face” is nothing of the kind; you were just concentrating!

  4. Sam

    Congrats on the negative! So good to see you riding again. And that is “I’m concentrating on the horse” face!

  5. Paddy

    Great news, Frances! I’m sure you’re very, very relieved. I know what it’s like waiting – it’s no fun at all.
    Love the Iacs’ brain pic. Too funny. 😀


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