Future Plans

I feel exhausted.  I think it is from the release of the results of yesterday.

In an attempt to redeem myself and this blog, here are some recent photos of the bebbies, who are doing very well.

Storm (inaTeacup) likes to scratch his bum endlessly on the fence.  We have checked for “friends and relations” but there is nothing evident.  He is so small, he doesn’t damage the fence like some fat Shetland pony arses.

I will admit that he is my absolute favourite – the most loving, gentle and a real “cutie patootie”.  He is very wuffly.

BN2A1932 BN2A1934BN2A1942BN2A1949

TorBjørn is a darling too.  He is impossible because I can never get far away enough to take a photo.  My constant shadow who has a cheeky little sense of humour.

BN2A1933     BN2A1948  BN2A1951 BN2A1955

I have decided to keep both these ponies as they have wormed their way into my life.  They are each the size of a large (ish) dog and behave not dissimilarly too.

BN2A1957 BN2A1963

Silver will go back to his breeder in a few weeks/months, when he is ready to travel and when the sea is calm. He comes from another island.   Although a little more aloof, I am very fond of him but have not let him into my heart.

BN2A1936BN2A1943 BN2A1941

He is definitely one of the boys, though, and we will all be sad to see him go.


So, when my life has settled down (and we have mended the trailer ramp), I will bring my little family home.  When I write home, I do not mean they will live in the house even though Daisy has plans.


3 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. Linda Loba

    You’ve gotta give yourself time to process what you went through, even with such good news at the end of it. All your “cutie patooties” should be a big help with that! Love the bum scratching photo 😉

  2. Sam

    A big celebration always leaves one knackered. But I am so happy you are keeping 2/3 of the Bebbies!
    Dare I ask if any ramifications were poured onto the former owner?


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