My Sunday afternoon drive

Sunday afternoon.  I had ridden Haakon in the school, fed Iacs his Danilon (lame again, why?), and Taktur his special grub, so I went for a drive around the westside to see what I could see with my camera, of course.


First I went down to Dale Beach to look at the waves.  Not brilliant but still impressive.  The sun shone in patches and the rain appeared briefly too.  Still, it was pretty and atmospheric.

BN2A2142 BN2A2162 BN2A2146 BN2A2159

Then follow the road round right into the hill where there are some hill ponies this winter.  With their straggly winter coats, they are doing well out there.  The ponies don’t actually roam far from home so someone is always keeping an eye on them.  I like seeing them as this is how I imagine Shetland always was.

BN2A2165 BN2A2170 BN2A2234

Then back to Bousta to see what my seal fraternity were doing.

Nothing, as usual.  I took some more photos and watched them for a while – turn the sound down btw on the film – that is the wind blowing incessantly.

BN2A2213 BN2A2205BN2A2191BN2A2190  BN2A2185BN2A2184BN2A2220 

Funny little jelly blobs really.  I swear my piano teacher at school did not look dissimilar.  She had the same disapproving expression.


So, after another shower of rain, I wended my way home on the look out for the mountain hares in their white winter fur.   They “shine like a shilling in a sweep’s arse” on the brown heather.


Not exactly well camouflaged and very easy to spot in the hill.


This is the time of year when they pair up.  I shall keep a constant look out for them.  I love hares.


2 thoughts on “My Sunday afternoon drive

  1. Rebecca Final

    I am loving your blog. The white hares remind me of my foundling white cat. He doesn’t realize he not at all camouflaged nor can he understand why he is such a horrible hunter.

    from Redding, California, USA


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