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Babies are Exhausting

This blog will be short.  We are all a bit exhausted today.  Frazzled.

Photo from this morning, first thing.  I had been up a few times in the night taking Little Herself out – she has a crate beside my bed, asks very nicely (scrabble, then woof) and was subsequently accident-free which is a huge achievement.  I needed some sleep to recharge.  This is like having a baby or a small lamb. I had forgotten.

Later, we went to the vet for a check-up and weigh-in.  All good there.  Just a small baby canine tooth to keep an eye on – back in two weeks.

So she tried to eat her lead!

Monster is also tired.

We are still not settled on a name.  Today I quite like Busy or Bizzie and then I try it out and it sounds just odd! We will inevitably shout it endlessly and that is where the name fails. It will come. She is down at the vet’s as Pepper.

Small Canine Whirlwind!

Little Herself (today possibly named Pepper, as in Chilli Pepper) has spent the morning with Flossie while the farrier was here.  Puppies and horses don’t mix.  Not never.

Thankfully, we have discovered a hidden skill – Floss definitely has a knack with puppies.

Possibly magic – I took these first two photos just now.  Pepper has been bouncing off the ceiling all day and finally stopped to lie upside down on Floss’ lap.

It is perfect.


Meanwhile, I was outside with our farrier, Stephen, and he trimmed 4 horses and shod 3.  Klaengur is still on holiday. The consensus is that we will wait for his hoof injury to grow out completely.  I don’t want to put unnecessary stress on what is left of his hoof just for the sake of riding.  We are not rushing anything.

Everyone behaved well.

Afterwards, I took Pepper for a walk in the field on an extending lead.

Monster came along too and was a huge help.

It was an amicable walk.

They muddle along fine.

I think that Monster is secretly very happy to have another “person” in his family.

And Pepper has learned very quickly to stay out of reach.

The sheep are going to take a bit of convincing, though.

We are all exhausted!  I had forgotten about just how much hard work puppies are. Fun, but very hard work.  I appear to have “puppy brain” now.

And Home!

I make no apologies for the millions of photos.  We have been living in a whirlwind all day.

Little Herself (still no name – we are now wavering between Hoolie (as in Hooligan) or Gilly or Holly).

She’s met Monster who has been pretty good, to be fair.

First Contact.

He’s biffed her a few times but neither really mind each other.

She is learning to keep her distance and Monster will teach her manners.

Little Herself is finding her place in the world.

I think they will be the best of friends very soon.

Of course, she learned to scrounge (possibly the law in this house!)

She loves her food.  Very much indeed.  Not fussy at all.  She has a bit of a runny bott so she is on egg, white rice and chicken breast and happily scoffed the lot.  We started her worming course today and she has a check-up and introduction appointment at the vet on Thursday.

What else?  Oh yes, I took her for a walk this afternoon on a lead and Little Herself met the ducky-wuckies.

She liked the idea of ducks.

Muzzah Duckie told her to do one!  She had that coming.

We walked over the hill to see the old men and ladies.  Floss was busy doing their water and she spotted her and wouldn’t move until she had gone to say hello, which was very sweet.

She followed and shouted at the horses.

And then ran back to me!

Horses are intriguing, apparently.

And then we went back home, very enthusiastically.

And now some extra photos just because……


Floss has just finished (and handed in) her Masters Dissertation and needs a job. She is now fully employed as a bottom supporter and slave to Little Herself. I told her to put this on her CV.

Can you tell we are all in love?

Here she is!

The trip south was uneventful. We arrived refreshed and had a quick mooch around Aberdeen. After a nice lunch, we then drove to some friends who live just outside the town.  They have a carriage driving centre and were in the middle of harnessing up an Orlov trotter to a carriage when we arrived so Daisy helped out as groom and they went for a drive.

Meanwhile, I waited for the transporter to arrive with the puppies. All went to plan. They reached us happy and excited.  We duly fell in love.

Little collars on and clipped to long leads and off we went shouting at each other  “don’t cross the streams!” like Ghostbusters! It was chaos.


The puppies quickly became accustomed and almost cooperative on their leads and we gave them a good walk, let them play and then fed and watered and put them to bed.

Many happy days ahead. Life feels good.


On Our Way

Daisy and I have finished our packing, and said goodbye.  I swear Monster knows something is up.  He’s been very odd. Almost nice!

A quick nip round Tesco’s for boat provisions and off to queue for the ferry.

In our cabin now with seasick pills, white wine, nachos and “Say Yes to the Dress” on tv. I shall be asleep soon.  We are all very excited.  “This time tomorrow” is all I keep saying to myself.

The two puppies also left their home this morning and are being driven carefully up north to meet us tomorrow by pet transporters, DL Pet Transport Services. They were recommended to me and understand travel to Shetland, ie timeframes and ferries to catch.

The bebbies this morning just before leaving…..