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Visitors Today

We had some visitors today who came to collect all BeAnne’s food. I hated seeing it sitting there, waiting, and it was better that it now went to another dog who would enjoy it.  I don’t know when, or even if, we will get another dog. Too soon.

So our visitors (Kacey and her Mum and Dad) arrived and I obviously introduced them to everyone…..

First up was Harrel the Barrel who was very keen!

The boys looked on.

Sweetly, Sóley was first up.

Slight nerves…..

And then a beaming smile!  (I love this)

And Kacey’s Mum took this photo.

Then onwards to meet the Minions who were all in a very silly mood so, for safety’s sake, I took just Fivla out as she is the only Shetland pony I trust when they are like this.  A bit of brushing, lots of hugs and then off for a little walk.  Fivla knows her job and there was more beaming.

So a lovely day meeting new people. Always good.

A few Black and Whites

This is who greeted Flossie and me in the morning – the three horses – well, that would be the one gelding and two mares – of the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse being on its way if they didn’t get their buckets IMMEDIATELY!  So, no pressure then.

(Sadly, I had set my new camera to wtf-settings so the rest of the photos were crud – live and learn is the mot du jour today. Note-to-self, I must, I must watch Chapter IV but I have to have my head screwed on with my brain in gear and at the moment, that seems an impossible task).

Anywho, these are from yesterday when I was sitting with the sheeple telling them they were still beautiful even without their wool.

Taktur arrived….

But in a very handsome way, though.

He’s looking good now for the time of year.

Still, he’s always pretty against the skyline!


Shearing Time

The sheep have been very hot so today our shearer, Morgan, came over and sorted everything out.

First up was Madge. She was surprisingly a very good girl.  Teeth checked, feet done, Heptavac given.

Next up was Edna – teeth checked (only two left now), feet done, Heptavac given.

Then Lambie – teeth checked (beautiful gnashers), feet done, Heptavac given.

Then ‘Ster – he was awful and wriggled endlessly – teeth checked (beautiful gnashers too), feet done, Heptavac given.

And lastly ‘Bert – teeth checked (beautiful gnashers also), feet done, Heptavac given.

This was ‘Ster’s fleece.  I rolled them all up separately and will go through them another day.  They were very, very big!

After the shearing, we went and caught Maggie and Harrell and gave them their Heptavac.  Maggie won’t be sheared until August otherwise Harry might not recognise her or the distress can make them lose their milk. That’s what they do with nursing ewes up here.

A bit later, I went down to see how everyone was.  I barely recognised them.


So different (and *** cough *** so fat!)

Dearest Edna.  She has put the weight on at last. With two teeth, she is managing well.

‘Bert, so handsome.

‘Ster – ditto on the handsome!

They are all very itchy and getting used to having no hot heavy fleeces.

And then there is Lambie who always looks strange and spotty afterwards.

There was a bit of arguing but not like last year when they had full scale war.

This is the one day of the year when Lambie loves his Muzzah. He wants me to scratch him and he stood beside me after being sheared.

Everyone is on a diet. There will be no more breakfasts (apart from Edna and Maggie) and I am glad that ordeal is over for another year.

Smile Please

And from today……

While Fivla was being especially unhelpful, Vitamin was doing her very best (I may love her most today).

And I came to the conclusion that you can have one or the other, but you can never have both!

Nowadays Vitamin is showing her age, but at 27, I am not surprised.  We can only do what we can do. The dentist is visiting on Sunday.

Vitamin is now fully retired from everything but, I think you will agree, she is still beautiful.

Minions Help

Floss and I drove over to Sandness to feed Vitamin and Fivla their daily bucket of grub, while checking everyone else (or they checked us – it’s always difficult to tell and depends on your perspective.)

We spent some time with the ponies, which was entertaining.

Although the younger ones get no real food, they were given carrots and Newt decided to show me just how hungry he was feeling by eating strands of fence wire at me!  He looks very stocky!

Fivla gets less to eat than Vitamin (yes, I caved) and she finished up early so then it was time for the opportunistic vultures who had been circling.

A friend, who was walking his dog, stopped for a chat.  Albie was intrigued.  The dog was very good with them.

Newt was interested too.  We kept a strict eye on the ponies just in case there was random nibbling.

I had stupidly left a large pot of Sudocrem (for sunburnt noseys) on the ground and, while we were chatting and not looking, small ponies managed to open it and dip in!

Fairy-tale Fivla.

So, if nothing else they made us smile.

And then Floss clarted the sunburnt noseys with Sudocrem and we ran away very quickly before they could spread it back onto us, which is what usually happens.