Calm Before The Next Storm

Well, I think we can all guess what I said to myself when OH shouted up the stairs this morning “There’s a really good sunrise happening now”.

Well this shepherd is well and truly warned.

Tomorrow’s feeding routine is going to be fun – Force 7 gusting 10.  Ick.

Anyway, the skies have been good this morning – this was on the dog walk.  OH had managed to get to town for supplies and the Eggbox is now safely back home.  Huzzah.

I did some mucking out of the sheep’s stable which was hard work and very hard on my back too.

And then, armed with my metal comb, I gave the horses and ponies a quick back brush to make their fur fluffy and more efficient in the endless rain to come.

Newt is very floofy.

In fact everyone is and they all stood there, on best behaviour, no headcollars or anything needed, while I brushed.  Lots of little smiley faces.

Then I went to the Icelandic horse field and did the same with the ancients.

Feeling very virtuous, I walked up the hill, back into the house and had my lunch.  Now the storm is hammering away outside.  I think I deserve a gin and tonic as my reward for all my hard work.  It might help my back too……

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