A Bit Blowy

This morning was interesting, to say the least, trying to feed horses and ponies in a Force 12 – around 60 mph wind.  I was doing quite well, walking round the outside of the shed, using it as a windbreak, thinking “this is doable”, and then the wind hit me hard and all the buckets I was carrying too.  It was tough and I felt very battered afterwards.  I ended up tipping the food on the ground for each pony.

The Eggbox remains stuck too and just before you all think I am a wuss, my neighbour got his all-singing all-dancing mother-fupper 4WD stuck there yesterday afternoon too!  I think Egg (new name) was glad of the company!

So a morning of cooking leftovers into soup and cake depending on food type and an afternoon in the shed with this little one.

We watched telly together.

And looked out at the world.

And I added to this little flock.

Feeling like stretching my legs and with the wind now dying down a bit, I went outside to give everyone a wee horse-treat.

The little ones like being near the big ones – they are in the next door field – and everyone seems to be fine despite the storms.

A brief lull and another storm is heading our way shortly and then another and then another. I might be slightly obsessed with weather charts!

5 thoughts on “A Bit Blowy

  1. Jacqueline

    Crafting is certainly hard work, much much much hard work and worry , no, I mean WORRY.
    Please know that as I sit here in sweltering summer temperatures, my heart is going out to you in these stressful times.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    It does feel a bit unrelenting at the moment. It seems to have been a very long winter and we’ve still got February and March to come. You got more done today than I did!!

  3. M in NC

    No, I don’t think you are a wuss. I drive a part-time 4WD Jeep Cherokee from 1989-2015. Even though a city dweller, I knew when to take care , that even my little beastie could easily slide into a ditch or get enough snow/ice under the axels to take traction down to zero. You do not want to burn out a differential .. that’s a bunch of $$$$ (American).

    Just wondering, have you ever tried to felt a Shetland Pony? I wonder what a little Newt would look like?

    We are finally starting to thaw out today. Its above freezing and negligible wind chill. The ground is still frozen in the shady back yard. Birds have been busy at the feeder. They are going to get confused by Thursday as we are getting a big warm-up! I won’t complain.

    M in NC
    M in NC


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