Busy with the Girls

Every day, we bring Lilja and Sóley into the stable.  They have work to do.

And sometimes we even brush them!

Brushed and beautiful.  As you know, I am not a keen brushing person.

And then we bring them through to do practising.  They have to load, without a fuss, while the middle section is put across, and then they get a handful of mix in a bucket to say well done!

Obviously there is help.

“No, Lambie, you don’t have to load.  No one is taking you anywhere!”

So that is one of the many things we do, every day.  And no, the girls didn’t go south today.  Force 6 southerly, gusting 9.  Not good travelling weather. But at least we know they load.  Oh yes!

3 thoughts on “Busy with the Girls

  1. Sam

    Nice to know the Girls will load up nicely. Still sad they are off to new adventures. Can Lambie have an adventure? Maybe a drive to the road and back?

  2. M in NC

    The girls are getting some good practice in while the weather is not cooperating.

    Have they ever been for a proper ride, down the road?
    I have to wonder what they think when their ‘stall’ starts making noises and then starts moving!

    We finally have had 2 nice days in a row, warm AND sunny 🙂
    Tomorrow, back to cool and cloudy?
    Then Saturday it starts warming up again.
    we are on the spring roller coaster in North Carolina.


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