Worried About Vitamin

Little Miss Fivla was already waiting for us when we drove over to Leradale this morning.  She wanted her bucket and she wanted it NOW!

Vitamin was waiting for us in her “house”.

She stuck her head out of the front door when I called her!  It was so sweet.

I like to feed Vitamin in here because she can eat her food peacefully without interruptions.

Interruptions are not encouraged.  My job for the summer is to clear the “house” out so it can be safely used as a shelter for those that want it.  We will have a huge bonfire and burn the old roof and wood.  I just need to move the ponies first.  The thought of Storm next to a bonfire is not one I want to think about.

After her food, I brought Vitamin out to clean her mouth.  I thought she looked thinner and a bit gaunt.

I am worried about her.  For the first time, she is looking her age – 28.

So, I’ve organised for the equine dentist to visit (when he is next up, hopefully April) her and Fivla.

And then I drove into town and bought all the fattening horse-feed I could find (barley rings which are high in protein and oil) as well as a large bag of micronised linseed, which should hopefully do the trick.  It is easy to eat and full of oil.  The difficulty is that everyone else doesn’t need the calories.  They could do with losing weight.  I might bring Vitamin and Fivla home.  They will be easier to manage there. Oh, the worry.

4 thoughts on “Worried About Vitamin

  1. Sam

    Lucky all your creatures are to have such an attentive and caring person in charge. It is never easy to watch our animals age, especially when they don’t give us early warnings. Fingers crossed the tasty treats help.

  2. Suzanne G Kelly

    Wishing sweet Vitamin well; hope you are all fine, and hope the weather will soon be warmer.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    The oldies are always such a worry – either too thin or too fat and at risk of laminitis! Had the vet out on Wednesday to do four ponies’ teeth on the yard where my little Shetland lives. He was fine but the two oldest both had teeth removed that were almost coming out of their own accord. They may well have to come off hay and go onto sloppy mash type feed before next winter. Fingers crossed for yours, Frances.


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