Green Sludge

A lovely day again but we had to keep the old men and the girls in the small paddock as we needed them for later.

The old men now have a daily fibre block each which I soak for 12 hours. It resembles green sludge. I know this because while lugging it to their field, I managed to spill the sludge bit down my trouser legs.  They get half for breakfast and half for supper as well as unlimited hay and a bucket of grub.

The old men love their green sludge and it has really helped Haakon post colic.  His pee is a lovely pale Chardonnay now and the blood results are back.  All normal except for a few that indicated colic.  So phew.  No kidney problems.  I am so relieved.

I also gave Klængur a bucket of sludge too and he liked it.

The girls hate this food so we gave them a couple of haynets to keep them entertained.  Yes, we have muchos mud.

And we (ok, Flossie) hung haynets everywhere.

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