Brushing Obsession

Since Haakon is now in residence in his stable, I have become obssessed with brushing.

Because he lies down a lot, he is covered in wood shavings.

So Haakon has a quick brush three times a day.  He enjoys this and happily stands while I make him beautiful again.  So very beautiful.

My brushing obsession is now continuing onto other horses.  As Klængur was keeping Haakon company today, I gave him a swift preen.

He was less keen but he can’t spend his life covered in mud.

Armed with my brush and now some conditioning spray, I went to see the Minions.

As I had forgotten the headcollar, I chose only ponies that volunteered.  First up was Waffle. He adores being brushed and stood arranging himself so I could reach all the bits I wanted, though I was only brushing manes and tails.

Albie was desperate to be next and stood patiently in the queue offering his services as brush holder, anything, as long as he was next.

Then I noticed Newt wandering around my feet and thinking he would probably leave, I had a go at nonchalently brushing his mane.  Surprisingly, Newt stayed and I managed to include his forelock and tail as well.

I did notice Newt’s mane has been severely eaten, however.  Hmmmm….. My jury is out on finding the culprit.

So three done and one to go – I as only going to brush half the herd as my back was hurting.

Fivla was next.  I spent a long time making her look pretty.

Next time, I am taking the headcollar and on the next clear day, I will do battle with Storm (idiot), Silver (hates it), Vitamin (can be an idiot to catch) and Tiddles (hates his forelock being brushed).

Suddenly I ❤️ brushing.  Who knew?


3 thoughts on “Brushing Obsession

  1. Sam

    Brushing is where you can take care of your herd, make them look very handsome and feel like you got something done all at the same time. Poor Albie – being such a good boy. As for Newt, I’d look towards the Storm for the Mane Chewer. And Filva is deliciously beaytiful. Mind your tender back with the others!

  2. Cathy

    I think Haakon is rather enjoying this living in lark. You may have a show pony in the making, and doesn’t he look smart.


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