Bouncing Shetland Ponies

The daily Shetland pony check up is always enjoyable.  Today I took my big camera for a few snaps.

Vitamin and Waffle – you can see how small Waffle is in comparison to Vitamin.  He should be as tall.  Both his parents are “up-to-height”.  Waffle’s aims for “up-to-width” to make up for his lack of height.  This he can do.

And he takes the job very seriously and thinks about it how best to achieve this.

Meanwhile, do not ever come between Vitamin and her carrot/apple.  I possibly look like this when there is a bottle of gin nearby so I do understand.

Fivla remains ever the fairytale Princess pony (but with a yellow tail).

She has taken Albie under her wing now.  She can’t help herself.  He wants a mother and she has always been the maternal type.  Fivla is pretty wonderful like that but she has to remind Albie often that she does not play, never will play and he can give that thought up now.  Albie is not the brightest star in our firmament.  However he remains optimistic.

Storm is all for games.  They are his raison d’être.

Silver might not be in a silly mood, but that is not going to deter Storm.  He was feeling wicked!

Oh no.  He can annoy like pro.

Meanwhile, Newt the utterly Cute just eats.

And eats…..

And eats….. (awww, still the hairy yak look)

And…… ooh, is that a nice bit?

Yup, he eats and ignores the world around him.

Actually they are all stuffing their faces.

I had a lovely time sitting on the bank, being occasionally chatted with by anyone passing.

Best view ever – I have lots of those but this is always a good one.

x ❤️ x Happy fatty little Shetland ponios who I love x ❤️ x


5 thoughts on “Bouncing Shetland Ponies

  1. Margaret Robinson

    That’s quite a running commentary on a day’s adventure! It was fun to see them all and what they do most of the day (and I’m all for the gin too).

  2. Christine

    They are so very huggable. I would love to hear how they got their names, except Silver…unless he was a different color when you first got him 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      Newt because he is My-Newt!
      Silver – already named by his breeder
      Waffle – we changed it to Waffle as that is our favourite Norwegian food and his breeders are good friends and Norwegian.
      Storm – already named by breeder
      Tiddles – we changed his name to Tiddles as he was so tiddly when he arrived.
      Albie – we nick-named him Little B and it got shortened to Albie.

      and now you know! xx


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