A Matter of Beds

There is a lot of hot racking (hot bedding/hot bunking) in our house.  Obviously Monster sleeps wherever he decides (he is like a 1930’s film star).

BeAnne obviously has her own bed in my shed but feeling bad for Lambie, I brought in a big comfy bed, which she quickly snaffled.  BeAnne particularly likes other people’s beds.

Lambie was quite sad about this but as he had kicked it around the room first, he couldn’t really blame Her Maj when she said she wanted it.

Lambie understands the rules – snooze and you lose or, in this case, snooze and you win!

He did get the bed later on and I felt it was a success and a good decision.

And this is Lambie’s outside bed/favourite spot.  In the dockens.

I laughed when I saw just his head peaking out.

After the Battle of the Beds , I decided to take Haakon for a walk shouting behind me as I went “anyone could come too” so the Boyzens accompanied us and BeAnne came half way, turned around and went home.

I heard her muttering something about standards and not being seen dead!

Although it seem to be winter again, it was a nice, if breezy walk. I think Haakon enjoyed it too.  Always nice to go out.

The sheep were giggling together at the back having been diverted by some ewes with their lambs.  They ran after us trying to keep up.

So now we’re home and as I type, Lambie has decided he now hates his new bed.  I give up.  There’s no pleasing some sheep!

7 thoughts on “A Matter of Beds

  1. Patricia Shaffner

    Thank you for your blog posts, they brighten up my days. I have a Lambie key ring and would love to see a a BeAnne version.

  2. Robin Schwartz

    So cute! My dog (MacKenzie–a Scottie) and cats are like this. The poor dog never gets to use his bed as one of the cats has laid stake to it. It’s WAY to big for the cat, but he has claws. lol

  3. Robin Schwartz

    I should have started with thanking you for letting us experience at least a little of life in rural Shetland. I hope to be able to visit at some point!

  4. Bev

    Adorable!! I so look forward to your daily posts, Frances!! And I envy the cool of Shetland. It is down right soggy hot where we are!!

  5. Sam

    BeAnne is what we call “A Bed Hog” – in that she takes all the comfy beds. (Good for her!) Love your walking partners.


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