So How Are We Getting On?

An update of little cattie.

She hides a lot.  Today, as we were continuing our War on Clutter as we all vacuuming, she took herself upstairs to spend her day under my bed.

BeAnne went along too because where little cats go, cat treats can follow……

Little cattie likes to hide but also in plain sight so you can call her to come out and chat.  BeAnne is a good cat-magnet too.

Little cattie also talks all the time, particularly if she is exploring, is stressed or thinks she is on her own.  She has different kinds of yowls and I am beginning to work out her language.  Night times are getting quieter too which is a blessed relief to everyone.

But her love for BeAnne is unwavering.

She can’t get close enough to her Best Friend.

Little cattie likes her food and is good about keeping clean.  She is very pretty.  Divine markings.

A friend came over this afternoon, and I was amazed to see little cattie stay around and even sit in BeAnne’s dog bed.

She was very settled there and it was a first.

So it is little steps every day and that is fine.  She is not a bold cat but I see her changing all the time, settling into our daily routine and learning to live with the household noises, our comings and goings as well as BeAnne’s barking at invisible enemies.

So, all in all, little cattie is a good little girl.  I am still not convinced we have a name for her, though.  It will come.

12 thoughts on “So How Are We Getting On?

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, she has cheered up immensely and is playing Bally every morning. She smiles. I am happy x

  1. Darby

    so pleased that the little cat and BeAnne are becoming friends. over the years when I would adopt a new adult cat they would spend the first week or so in hiding. I am sure she will soon come around .

  2. Carol E

    It’s nice to know that she’s settling in. She was already know to be a bit anxious, wasn’t she? In time, she will realize she’s found the best home on earth and relax into it. How perfect that she is bonding so well with BeAnne, while also helping BeAnne during her period of grief.

  3. Susan

    She is very pretty and apparently good at her job in cheering BeAnne. Please don’t name her Cali. Worked at a Vet office, every calico was named Cali!!! We have one named Margeaux.

  4. Margaret Robinson

    She’s the most gorgeous cat and you’ve picked a wonderful name for her! Looks like everyone is settling in for the long haul and that’s marvelous.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Your new kitty is so beautiful and I’m so glad that she and BeAnne get along so well. The pictures are just lovely. She seems to be getting braver, so that’s good. I love that she talks a lot….except for at night, when I hope she’s getting quieter.

  6. louise whyte

    what a good girl she is, she will get bolder and bolder as she feels more settled. A name will come.

  7. Sam

    Miss Cattie seems to have some Norwegian Forest cat in her. Hence the vocal acrobats she can do. Had a Weggie once, now have Maine Coons who also LOVE to talk, chirp, yowl and yodel. As for BeAnne’s barking at things you can’t see – she is chasing aliens out.


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