All Hail

All hail and worship, please. OH came home last night after working away from home for a few days.  He was welcomed back with open paws.  It was very sweet.

And Pepper is a funny little dog.  Last night, I went to bed to lie on my acupressure mat for a few hours. I was trawling the internet looking for some nice flute duet music.  I was listening to samples as MIDI files (computer version of music – not pretty but gives you the gist) when Pepper jumped on the bed to sat and listen.  She was very interested in the noise.

Breakfast remains an audience participating sport.



They are both shameful, or is it shameless?

Shameless means that you feel no shame. Shameful means that you should be ashamed for a way you have acted.

So possibly both, then!

Poor Floss – her breakfast is not her own.

I don’t eat breakfast so I am not bothered by this.





7 thoughts on “All Hail

  1. Sam

    Such a welcoming party OH had! Clearly he was missed. I do love Pepper’s “baroo?” head tilts while listening to your music. And Floss deserves a Gold Medal for ignoring the pitiful eyes on her breakfast.

  2. Linda

    What a sweet wonderful welcome for your husband – I think they like him!
    So interesting to see Pepper’s appreciation (or is it puzzlement) with the music; either way, she looked adorable.

    And yes, I share breakfast with our dog every morning; she gets 1/2 a piece of toast with a scraping of almond butter (I’m her dog mom, after all).

  3. diane in northern wis

    So OH made it back and is truly adored! I hope that Monster gets a pet or two now and then. Poor boy….so much competition now! Oh I love that video of Pepper listening to the music…..that is just darling! I love how she turns her head to listen. Just so sweet!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Your OH is very loved indeed. Loved your little video of Pepper listening to the flute. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt. I don’t think you give those poor sweet dogs any breakfast (ha ha). They certainly look very interested in Floss’s plate.


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