Bits and More Bits

Today, after a ride out on Taktur and Klængur, we brought Efstur in to try out some bits Daisy had received from The Bit Bank.

Efstur’s is a fiddler and chewer with his bit.  The Bit Bank have been very helpful and recommended some bits which they sent out on trial.

Today Efstur was trying out the Frans Sweet Gold Loose Rings by Fager – an explanation, if you’re interested.  Daisy has also been talking to Fager, who have been very educational (thank you – this is a vertical learning curve).

Efstur had already been long-reined in this bit.

Today, Daisy decided to ride him.

To start with Efstur was his usual self but, because the bit is an anatomical straight bar, he couldn’t chew it, which was a huge plus.

He took a while to settle.  Daisy says his brain was divided between his mouth and her instruction.

He did froth up nicely, which is always a good sign.

And then he settled.

It was interesting, too, for me to watch.  When Daisy asked for more speed, Efstur forgot to be distracted.

And then again on the other rein.

Now we are just waiting for the titanium version to try.  The Sweet Gold has an electrical taste – so perhaps without the sucky-sweetie reaction, Efstur might forget to be distracted.

Afterwards, I rode Haakon in a spare Maria Titanium Double Jointed Fixed Ring as Daisy had said she had tried Kappi in it and he loved it!  Haakon did not but he was less grabby with the reins – he really needs his teeth done.  I know that is the answer.

I can always ride Haakon in a head-collar and steering be damned.  However, he was very energetic and happy so that made me smile.

So that’s us – playing with bits so not just Efstur then!

5 thoughts on “Bits and More Bits

  1. Sam

    First as anon-rider, thanks for the links on bit styles. I do think Daisy is brillant with teaching your horses to saddle up nicely. Lovely.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Wow ….your blog is always so informative, Frances. It’s so fun to learn new things thru you and Daisy. Now we learn about bits and how the horses react to them…how they taste, etc. Never a dull day! Thanks so much! Love the pictures ….always!

  3. Lisa

    My big horse (16.2h) CONSTANTLY chewed his bit. It sounded like he was chewing metallic bubble gum-which is a noise, by the way, that can quickly get on one’s nerves! (and somewhat embarrassing when lined up in the show ring…..) When I got him a solid bit-Pelham style with a tongue port-the chewing stop. Whether that be from it being a solid piece he can’t really chew on it-or he just really likes it-or both-who can say? But it is nice that he is no longer busy -or noisy-with his mouth!


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