Windy Pic Overload

Many photos from today – when I went to see the Minions in their new field.

It was windy.

Very windy.

There were some great hairstyles out there!


But the field has shelter and the ponies know to stand with their back to it.  They are professionals at this.

I went around and dished out a bit of carrot each.

Yes, just one carrot piece – Newt.  ONE!

Storm incurred the wrath of Vitamin (you can almost hear the teeth).

Of course, he wasn’t sorry.

And then he made it worse, again.

Yup, that’s Storm alright.

I doubt Vitamin will forgive him – and I have no idea what the crime was.  Probably just annoyed her by existing.

So the herd are happy.

And that’s all that matters.

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