Beyond Vile

This is me going out to feed the animals.


I am wearing my Fladon two-piece flotation suit – almost national costume here in Shetland. Nearly everyone has one (or something similar) and you would not look out of place shopping in Lerwick Tesco’s wearing one.  I don’t particularly want to flotate, you understand, but I do like the fact that it is waterproof, windproof and insulated.


Today, it was necessity rather than a luxury.  Outside it was vile.  About -5 degrees celsius below when you take into consideration the windchill factor. I hate the windchill factor.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 19.35.29

So, dressed for the weather, I went outside optimistically believing that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

I opened the gate and called Hetja and her herd up – they rushed straight into the shed where I threw some silage at them and quickly shut the door.

Next it was the turn of Taktur and Kappi who are over the hill in Clothie.  I opened the big Thordale gate and their field gate across the hill and shouted.  They cantered straight home without a headcollar or a second thought.


So now the boys are in the big shed and the girls are in the stables with Les Grandes Dames in a separate bit as they hate all the female hassle and politics.  Lambie and Ster spent the day happy in the big shed too munching on silage but are now back in their bedroom field.


This is definitely not a day to be out.  Animals die in this kind of the weather – wet, very cold and very windy.  The snow is not settling but landing in a great sludgy mushy lumps.  Lovely.

This short video does not, in any way, show just how vile it is outside.  I suggest you watch this while throwing lumps of ice and water at yourself with a cold fan on full blast.


7 thoughts on “Beyond Vile

  1. Linda

    Ok! I threw the ice and cold water on myself while watching your video and I GET IT!
    The heck with what the suits looks like – whatever works, right?
    And such lucky animals, to be brought inside where it’s dry and warm, with food. They definitely couldn’t wait to be brought in!

  2. Terri

    Brrrr. Looks like the frozen tundra. Any sighting of Lambert in the wild? Hope he’s ok…but it was his choice to leave home. Baaad boy. (I still worry though.)
    After a couple days of snow and ice earlier this week and -2 C (here in Oregon), today is sunny and warm enough to work in the garden (almost 10 C) — unbelievable. Stay warm and dry — spring is on its way! (well…some day)

  3. Linda K

    I think I’d like one of those suits. I feel chilled just watching that film.
    I worry about Lambert too and hope he is alright.


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