Hell for Leather

Despite the smattering of snow, it is all fun and games here.

(apologies for the fence wire marks but the mud is deep and I would come home wellyless in a filthy mood)


I was wondering why all the Minions have huge chunks of mane missing and I think The Finger points.   Monsieur Hjalti may be the cause.  I am not saying he definitely is but I am saying he definitely may be.


Silver adores these games.  At no time did he ask Hjalti to stop and gave as good as he got.  It is so good for Hjalti to have a lovely little pile of Minions to play with.  This is what a Minion is for. Hetja was leaving them well alone.  In my mind’s eye, I could see her looking benevolently on thinking thank God he was being amused – she has forgiven the Minions for their past indiscretions and all is well.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, two other little Minions were having fun.


They looks so lovely with the snowy background.


And I love their little bunched up legs as they beetle across the field at full speed.  You can almost hear the giggling.


Then suddenly, it is all stop for a quick snack.  Tiddles is well aware what Storm is doing and probably set him up.


And off they go again just as fast in the other direction.


Awww, bunchy legs again and tails in the air.

BN2A1078 BN2A1079 BN2A1081 BN2A1082

Storm and Tiddles meet up with Silver, who has either broken or  exhausted Hjalti, and off they all go again.

BN2A1083   BN2A1086

I could watch them play forever. It does my heart good and is the best therapy for any ailment you may have.


I think this is what Miniature Shetland ponies are for – entertaining Icelandic horse foals!

7 thoughts on “Hell for Leather

  1. Cathy

    Beautiful photos, I can hear the giggling from here. He who has the most mane still intact must be the prime suspect! That will be Hjalti then?


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