Klængur frá Lynghaga

The weather has greatly improved today.  The sun is waterily shining and the air is still.  A complete contrast from yesterday’s vileness.  So everyone is outside and happy.


It is also Floss’ last day here as she leaves early tomorrow to go back to her university.

To not celebrate this, we decided to take Klængur and Haakon out for a ride (Flossie riding Klængur) for the first time this holiday.

Last summer, Flossie had a rather unsuccessful ride on Klængur when he took off with her the first time she got on him.  We were outside and he was rude. This time, however, I was not nervous because Flossie has had riding lessons, ridden many horses and has practiced on Klaengur indoors.  She is a competent rider.


Floss was fine.  They went tölting off together while I battled with Haakon and one of his bad moods.   They looked a picture while I had an indignant chicken to argue with.  At one stage, I turned Haakon back and asked him to go back down the track in walk.  Klængur was hoof-perfect and totally unstressed (he didn’t even do one nervous poo – with me, he can be a slurry spreader!)


Flossie was in charge, not Klængur.  A good partnership.


When we got home, I could see, and I must say it has been fairly obvious for a while now,……


that Klaengur really likes Flossie.


They have a connection.  Always have.


Yup, you can guess the next bit.



Klængur frá Lynghaga
IS2003184970  BLUP 107

Sire: Aron frá Strandarhöfði
Dam: Sandra frá Stafholtsveggjum

Owner:  Flossie Taylor

10 thoughts on “Klængur frá Lynghaga

  1. jan

    What a beautiful set of photos, especially the last ones with Flossie and Klaengur. You must be so proud of her. Safe journey Flossie.

  2. Linda K

    Great pictures. I was wondering if Flossie would have a horse of her own soon, given her progress. He looks gorgeous in that last photo.

  3. Sam

    Congrats to Flossie on her horse! Love the black & white picture of her & Klaengur.
    Hope she has a good semester at university.


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