Best Therapy

Sometimes all I need is therapy.  Good old fashioned Minion therapy.

So I went outside and was met by “The Shetland Mafia” who were helping BeAnne guard her much-loved, but barely touched, bone.  She is that stage with it.   You know – “Mine, all mine!”


Floss and I put a blanket down outside the shed and everyone either came to talk to us or to sit beside us while we tried to complete The Guardian quick crossword.


Just sitting in the sunshine (minus the wind – we had the shelter of the shed) in Shetland is always lovely and having little Minions around asking for hugs and kisses makes everything better.  The world was right again.


Oh yes, and having The Boysenberries too!  Must not forget my Boysens.


The Minions were on extra-helping form.  Floss wanted to fill up the water buckets but she certainly didn’t need their assistance (or is it interference?)


Lambie was trying to sleep next to me.


And Ster was the other side.


We abandoned the crossword after a while……


….., for obvious reasons.


When the Minions got bored of trying to sit on our knees, they wandered off.

BN2A0785  BN2A0790

Then OH came back from walking Loki, sat down and finished the ruddy crossword for us!

BN2A0799 BN2A0802

“If you’re seeing things
Running through your head.
Who can you call?
The Minions!”


8 thoughts on “Best Therapy

  1. Linda

    There’s just nothing like sunshine! (Here in the Northwest, we’re getting lots of it and people are absolutely giddy about it…)

  2. Georgiana

    If you added some chocolate and a cup of tea to this scenario, it would literally be my dream life haha. Youre one lucky lady! 🙂


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