There are no words

I was wondering how Hetja managed to be the wrong side of the fence from her little boy, Hjalti.  The gate was shut.

Hetja needed to get back to her little boy as he is not weaned yet.

And so I stood with my camera and watched.

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Half of me thought, well done for going back for him and the other half of me felt very depressed at the sight of my fence.


This is Hetja’s triumphant smile.  Her little boy needed her so she came back for him.  Yay, great, well done but bye-bye fence.


Bloody horses.  Off to keep goldfish next.

9 thoughts on “There are no words

  1. Beth Gerrard

    This so reminds me of Lamb Chop who would lift the fence and come home to Mother when he had enough of the apportionment. The neighbours would ring to let me know ge was on his way home and was stopping the traffic!

  2. louise

    on a more minor scale we are having the battle of the muzzles. One broken, one day on. One lost for 3 days, now found, with the new one that went on today but was not on when little sod came in. Both on the boundary fence. I suspect that a certain little chestnut Shetland and a chestnut comtois have been collaborating

  3. Linda K

    Well that’s impressive. I’m glad she didn’t become stuck. What a good Mum though and I like the last photo “My boy!” But yes, poor fence.

  4. Terri

    Mwahahaha! (sorry, but you have to admit it’s delightful) Creative problem solving! How did Hetja get on the other side of the fence in the first place? Did she jump? Who knows. The last photo makes it all worthwhile. (well, at least from my safe perspective, because I don’t have to fix the fence)

  5. Duncan Kirkley

    My little Shetland did that once. However, the situation was slightly different, in that, she was in with a couple of Clydesdales who were making amores advances. So being a fence to Keep Clydesdales in she simply walked under it as they stood on the other side wondering how the hell she did that. It was quite funny at the time coz the big fellas were truly confused.


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