A Quick One

Floss and I spent the day doing various things for various folk.

En route, I took various photos of various Shetland ponies.

Enjoy the photos because the written word is almost beyond me tonight.

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Also, this little foalio is determined to be filthy.


She was brushed and looked beautiful for the VIP visit, t’other day.


But she only has to see a pile of mud and then she dives in and rolls.


Giving it her all!


Norty little girl but delicious none the less.  I still adore her.


And a photo of Foula, because I always love the view from the end of my track – it warms my heart and reminds me daily why I moved up here, leaving everything behind.


And so to bed. I am exhausted. “Nighty nighty – pyjama pyjama” as I once heard in a pantomime when I was about ten years old!


5 thoughts on “A Quick One

  1. Sam

    Love the muddy foalio! Nothing like a good mud bath after VIPs leave.
    We call the ned of the day “jammy time” but I like “nighty nighty” too.

  2. Heather

    Such beautiful ponies in a gorgeous setting. I don’t know of any cuter critter than a Shetland Foal. I look forward to your blog each day. My ancestors came to the states from Scotland long ago (How could they have ever left? lol!!) It strikes me as a magical, but sometimes harsh place-and the Shetland Isles are wilder still. Thanks for sharing.


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