Late Night, last night….

I think I am getting too old for this (I never thought I would write that!)

Yesterday was our Simmer Dim (midsummer) night’s ride.  It was magical bit I am exhausted now.  I have seem to have lost the art of being able to go to bed at 02:30 without suffering for the whole of the next day.

I am writing this arse about face (back to front).  We went for a ride with the ladies from Houlls and Hounds in Burra yesterday evening (I will write about it tomorrow as the photos are just coming through, I am too exhausted and need to go to my bed).

Today, we returned to Burra to collect two of our horses that we had left behind.  I only have room in the van for two horses and there were four of us last night.  We also helped Bjorn with a voluntary stallion assessment for Merkisayre Surety.  Boy, that Shetland pony stallion can more – I mean really move.


While the assessment was going along, I spent some time taking a few photos of the surrounding scenery.

So, here they are:-

Even in Burra, there is telephone box vandalism. Sad.


I found a beautiful old boat that had been lugged onto the shore. never to sail again – now, more ornament than function with a giant hole in the hull. The wonderful texture of the weathered old wood contributed to the fact that this boat was spending the rest of its days in a field.


Splendid and so very Shetland.


There were beautiful sea pinks growing everywhere on the shore.  I am very fond of these flowers.  Always strong in the sometimes fierce summer weather.


And so to bed.  Tomorrow, I will put up the simmer dim riding photos.  The best fun I have had for a very long while.


2 thoughts on “Late Night, last night….

  1. Linda

    Sleep well, Frances – you’ve certainly earned it. (Maybe some of that extra tiredness is from the baby oystercatcher?)

    Wonderful photos – Burra’s “cove” reminded me of the little town in “Doc Martin”. And the boat brought up images of Vikings for some reason. (I do believe their ships were a bit larger?) 😉

  2. Ray Dunkley

    i used to live near the local warehouse that stored nothing but bt phone box glass when they started doing away with the red boxes there was many a thousand bits of glace went back to the foundries for reuse

    yes it is sad to see vandalism unfortunatly way down south its a daily sight -so much so it has to be really bad to even notice it now


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