Animation Afternoon

I have always wanted to learn animation.  So today I did.  Best afternoon ever!

I went into Lerwick to attend a workshop at Mareel, Shetland’s music, cinema and creative industries centre.  It was brilliant fun. I arrived at 14:00 feeling a bit apprehensive, nervous and lost but I sat at my table and waited for instruciton.

In there room there was some scenerios already set up.

Each place had of plasticine, wire and molding tools (Note:  plasticine does not have the same smell like I remember as a child a billion years ago).

We were asked to build the figure that we wanted to animate as well as being given some tips for the best result.  I created a wire base shape to work on.

And then I added some plasticine.  Can you tell what it is, yet?

Some ears, googly eyes and a tail.

My neighbour, Chris, (aka Wallace) was making a seal called Flappy.

Once we had created our creations,  our table made a bee-line for the separate studio environments.  Let the filming commence.

We all quickly decided which background/studio suited us best.

There were some wonderfully imaginative animals too.

It was great because we had a good supply of materials to work with and lots of help available.

Anywho, Lambie was taking shape.  His ears and tail were his point d’interest. They moved.

We were all working very hard with our individual projects.  They evolved and grew along with our boundless imaginations.

I have not had such a great afternoon for ages.  Lambie is home now but it was the best fun and an  adventure into the possibilities of animation, which I certainly want to pursue.

This if the film that Chris, Katie, Benji and I made.  It is called “Animal Circus” I think.  It will be featured in the Shetland Film Festival 2018, along with others.  I hope the general public enjoy Lambie’s debut into the animlation world.

Now for my Oscar acceptance speech….. something to work on in the long dark winter nights.  I think I need to work on his ears.


8 thoughts on “Animation Afternoon

  1. Terri

    His ears and tail are perfect already! Isn’t it amazing what people can learn and do instead of the Net and social media? (fully realizing that’s what I’m doing right now) Fingers crossed for your Oscar!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Brava and what fun! I love your version of Lambie and congrats on being in the Film Festival. Famous, as you should be!!!!!


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