Just shout and Maggie….

…. and little Harry come running!

A friend visited this afternoon – Shetland is in Level 1 – and I introduced her to our latest arrivals.

The team.

Maggie is very keen on food and of course these genes have been passed on to her sprog.

They both jostle and push to get the food.  It’s not pretty.

But then Maggie remembers she is a mother and if Harry is eating proper food, she can wean him faster!

Harry is looking very rotund these days.

He is very sweet but not really into people much. I demand a daily hug and kiss (the top of his head).  He quite likes that.  We are all wondering whether horns will sprout.

Maggie is a good Mum though she hates nursing and only lets Harry nurse when she says so and not if he demands.

They followed me back to the house and Harry decided he wanted to go to bed.

And so off he took himself.

However, Harry loves his bedroom.  The warmth of the straw and the protection from the weather.

He looked wistfully at his little bed.  Just perfect for a snuggling in.

And then Maggie told him to come with her.  Not asked, told and he reluctantly went back to her.  He wanted to go to bed so much but it was only 5 o’clock and a bit early.

If he ignores her and takes up residence, Maggie goes storming in and pushes him back out into the field to be a sheep. I think I am with Harry on this. There is nothing nicer than a snuggly warm bed.

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