Beautiful from Brushing

The Minions love to be brushed.

Well, everyone except Tiddles who hates it.  He is the exception so I mostly don’t bother.  He  runs away and I would miss out on my daily kiss.

Waffle is always first in my brushing queue, as is Albie. They arrange themselves almost under the brush so I can’t avoid them even if I am brushing someone else.

Storm likes to “help” in his way.

The chaps don’t look bad after a brush. I have been using mane and tail conditioner too in the hope it will prevent rainscald which usually starts appearing this time of year – Vitamin and Newt are the most prone. I have no idea why.

Fivla is not a huge fan of this attention but I can do bits before she gets fed up and walks off. She stays around, though, hopeful we will remember that this time last year she and Vitamin had a daily bucket of food.

We haven’t needed to feed either of the old ladies extra yet.  They are doing well this winter.

I was updating The Cast on the blog, which I haven’t done for a few years. I found Vitamin is 28 years old – the same age as Haakon (who is busy running away).  They are both looking great.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful from Brushing

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    thanks for the “cast” update. I will check out the web page in a few days. Things here are a bit blustery (not like your storms) but still irritating in the SW. If moisture would come with the weather then it would be OK.
    Take care.

  2. Sam

    I tell Little Miss Maine Coon brushing is “Beauty Parlor Time” – some love the pampering, she does not. What is rainscald?

  3. Linda

    Our female malamute is the same: she’ll take brushing only for so long, then quietly and politely walks away…

    I can’t get over how cute those little hooves are on the Minions!

  4. Carol Espinosa

    Sniff — Lilja and Soli (sorry for haphazard spelling!) both off the list, the pretty ladies. Does that leave Estfur as your last home-bred boy?

    I haven’t been following for the last few years — too bittersweet when I didn’t know when it would be possible to visit again. This year??

    Where is Daisy? I haven’t read far enough back to find her new adventure.

    I’m sorry some of your favorites been having struggling. I recent did my Vitamin puzzle, so glad I found (possibly?) the last one that was for sake a few years ago.

    Hugs and best wishes,

    Carol E

    1. Frances Post author

      Lovely to hear from you, Carol.

      Although the girls are sold, I still have Dreki and Efstur here. I will try and train Dreki this summer and see. If he is not for me, he will probably be sold.

      Daisy is south doing a PhD in veterinary science. When she can find livery, Efstur and Kappi will be off south.

      So that’s us. Tell me your news. We miss you too xx


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