Fan Club

Yesterday, the horsevan died completely and we tried – we really tried to get it going – changed the battery, used jump leads, kicked the tyres …..

Even asked a friend….

But the van defeated us all.  The sheep watched on and offered their services (“Oi, Harrel, get off the electric cable and/or out of my handbag!”)

So the van was winched onto a low loader and towed off to the garage.

Feeling slightly worried about the van, it was nice to be followed everywhere by my devoted little Fan Club.

I tell myself it is not for the biccies that live behind the door in the porch in a special box for sheep.  Oh no.

They want to tell me just how much they love and appreciate me – and probably my ability to give them biccies!


5 thoughts on “Fan Club

  1. Sam

    Sorry the Horse Van had to be towed. But your Fan Club is rather delightful in their total appreciation of your opposable thumbs when dealing with biccies.

  2. Gail Lawson

    Fingers crossed that the van can be brought back to service. It’s such a huge and important piece of things.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I’m so sorry to hear about your van….hope it can be repaired soon! And i must say I love your fan club….I’m sure their devotion has nothing at all to do with biccies!!!!


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