Ran Away!

I spent a lovely bit of the morning brushing Minions and checking they were alright after yesterday’s storm.  They were all happy, fine and obviously very, very handsome.

When I got home, Floss and I executed our latest plan to move the horses to slightly less muddy fields.  First we opened the gate and called Taktur, Efstur, Kappi and Dreki over. They cantered over, through the gate and were gone. Fine. Perfect. We thank you.

Then Floss caught the girls (Sóley and Lilja), while I put headcollars with ropes on Klængur, Haakon and Iacs. We decided to move them in one go with Floss leading the girls and I would take Klængur and possibly either Haakon or Iacs.  Someone could follow.

No chance.  Haakon and Iacs set off up the track!

So, once we had the others in their new field, we went after the Old Men.

And they knew we were coming for them.

There was even a massive hooray-buck from Haakon as they looked back and saw us.  They then set off up the track at a faster pace.

Floss was faster than me on her legs and she collected the horses at the cattle-grid.

Haakon and Iacs should be jolly thankful because two silent cyclists whisked past behind them just as they turned to come home with Floss.


The girls and Klængur were waiting patiently for their friends to come back.

We told Lilja we loved her and her sister the most (Klængur would’ve gone if he could’ve).

Yes, we do.

We most definitely do.

I never thought Haakon would do that. Iacs? Yes. Not Haakon.  He knows better.

4 thoughts on “Ran Away!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    It probably didn’t feel funny at the time but it did make me chuckle. The two naughty old boys obviously felt like having an adventure!

  2. diane in northern wis

    A couple of naughties! Glad Floss caught up with them and brought them back. I do love those girls!

  3. Sam

    Two dudes just wanted to have some fun! But I am happy to know they are safely back home. And all look rather lovely.


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