Bardy Update

Bardy had a terrible fall a few days back.  All my fault and I continue to feel totally to blame.

The upshot is that Bardy’s development has been delayed and we have spent the last few days just getting back to where we once were.

Obviously, we went to the vet who said she thought no bones were broken and Bardy had bruising.  He needed tlc and rest and hopefully, fingers crossed, he would get back to normal.

So, Bardy lives in his cage on the windowsill sitting in the sun listening to classical music.

Today, I went for my weekly flute lesson and Bardy came too.  Interestingly, when we played our duets, Bardy stopped chirping and listened.  When we stopped to talk and discuss the music, Bardy started to chat away.  He recognises music and enjoys it.

Anywho, it is just an observation and we are promoting Bardy’s independence. A few days back, Floss and I put him and his cage outside.  I went back 30 minutes later to find Bardy hysterical with fury, shouting his head off, apoplectic with rage demanding to go back indoors.  He hated it.  This outside scenario would never catch on and I was never to do that again.

So, here are some films from yesterday of the puffins at Sumburgh Head.







9 thoughts on “Bardy Update

  1. Sam

    Methinks you have pampered Bardy a wee bit. But when one is responsible for a life, one pampers.
    Even if that kind act comes back to annoy you. We had a kitten we bottled fed, Bad finger (all but ONE toe was white, the bad one was black). He gave me “what for” all his life but loved my step-dad to pieces. How odes OH feel about Bardy?

  2. Linda

    I think with ALL your TLC, Bardy will forgive you. (Animals seem to be able to give us the benefit of the doubt that we’re trying our best, I think.) That’s interesting about his not liking being outside – fear of predators, maybe?

    And Puffin MOVIES – can’t being to tell you how much I enjoyed these – Thank You!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    You realize that he’s your bird and he’s not going anywhere (esp. outside). Have fun with him and being a “mom” is a full time, forever job – lucky you ‘cuz he’s rather adorable! MMR

  4. Nancy

    I hope Bardy recovers fully, and soon!
    I enjoyed hearing his chirping with the music!

    How did you get so close?!
    I only wish I could have heard them flapping/hopping around and the wind as well!!
    THANK YOU for the videos!

  5. Louise Stopford

    I think Bardy is going to be absolutely fine – he seems a very chirpy little fellow. I wonder what you will do when it is time for your Bardy to fly the nest/house? Our pigeon comes home about 3/4 times a day and then disappears off with his fellow pigeons. He has learnt all the instincts of the wild birds and can live happily among them, doing what comes naturally, but he always remembers us and we can still touch him (although he is not that keen now he is a big birdie). We also have 3 cats and have to make sure he is not around when they are in the garden. What does your cat make of him? The puffins are amazing and I have only seen them once before in real life on Anglesey years ago. I bet your visitors were gob smacked at seeing them and all the wonderful scenery, not to mention all your ponies and horses (not forgetting Lambie and his friends). Sounds like a wonderful experience and I am sure they will never forget their visit to your piece of heaven.

  6. Tuula from Finland

    I remember You hoped for a tame crow/raven. The black bird has arrived, but Minion sized like the ponies.
    I had an Indian Starling “Mynah bird”. He ate a mixture that was for insectivorous birds (and fruits). I just wonder if they have it in your pet shop. You could mix it with the mince and later BardyBirdy could eat it from the bowl.
    I truly believe You will have to ” pamper” him a longer period, maybe years.
    It is no wonder that Bardy did not like it outside alone. I think it is becauce starlings nest in woodholes. The nestlings see nothing but the light that comes through the hole and then the food bringing parent.
    Now there was only the big dangerous world and the little bird. Little ones see the big world, when they are strong enough to climb out from the hole and fly away.
    It is a neverending task to take care of a birdlet for few weeks, food food food. But if anyone so it is You
    who can handle it.
    Thank You for all the photos and films!
    The puffins are so lovely, I saw those once in Ireland on a birding Holiday.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you – now it makes sense. You are completely right. I will see his life through his eyes.


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