Meeting the Famous

Our visitors’ last request, before they went on the ferry back to Scotland tonight, was to meet the Shetland-Ponies-in-Sweaters who, a few years back, were an viral internet sensation.

So, in a convoy, we drove over to Sandness to see Les Girls.

Formal introductions were made.

And friendships were forged.

We pointed out the famous ones.

And, of course, they worked their superstar magic.

Lyra, being Lyra, even though she is not one of the Shetland-ponies-in-sweaters combo, made sure she was part of the whole meet and greet experience.


Bless, her, even Delia got in on the act.

I think we can truthfully say our visitors enjoyed meeting our little superstars.

Funnily enough, I was told about folk who had met our Shetland-ponies-in-sweaters down the south end of the island.  Allegedly some random Shetland ponies are pointed out as my two girls.

My two live on the Westside and, to my knowledge, they are not on the tourist route.  So the black Shetland pony and white Shetland pony, who had their photos taken and feature in holiday snaps, are not actually the originals but just lookey-likeys!


3 thoughts on “Meeting the Famous

  1. Sam

    Many Famous Folk use doubles on unsuspecting tourists. Those in the know, ask for formal introductions. Love how Delia and Lyra joined in with the Famouse Twosome to delight your visitors and us.

  2. Terri

    An idyllic holiday! Seeing puffins, meeting Thordale residents (famous, and not-so) — and it looks as if the weather was perfect too! Absolutely delightful….


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