Bad Behaviour

Ok, so one duster has appeared.  Thank you Pepper but where is the other one? No one knows.  OH met his wellies in the garden. She drags them through the cat flap!

But Pepper continues to enchant.  She is a very determined little member of our family.  She makes BeAnne look like she wasn’t really trying.  This weekend I am going to blow an egg or two to fill with chilli as she steals freshly laid eggs.  Yesterday, she stole 4!  Awful dog and the farts were not much better.

A little known fact – the word “no” does not actually apply to Pepper, ever. So you know.

And, although I am very ashamed of Pepper’s appalling begging and stealing behaviour, she gets nothing at mealtimes – ok, she gets a little something but only at the end of the meal. I keep telling myself this. I am not to blame but how can anyone resist this little face?  I mean, seriously? She is adorable.

Meanwhile Monster remains happy, fat and equally awful.

He is not allowed on the tv table so of course he did this and then I had to take a photo because it made the perfect backdrop.

The only one with any vague semblance of manners is Ted.

A total suck-up while very aware of who is also trying to climb up his ladder of success.

And Ted wins. He doesn’t beg at meals or climb onto the tv. A winner in my book. I have low standards.

Looking at these photos, I feel very ashamed.  **** sigh ****

5 thoughts on “Bad Behaviour

  1. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    Gorgeous little terriers

    Just so you know, a black cat sitting against the screen of a switched-off telly is, to all intents and purposes, invisible. We have two (black cats, not tellies) and have occasionally lost one this way.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    They’re all gorgeous. I love the idea of Pepper taking wellies through the cat flap. That must have taken some manipulation!

  3. Jayne

    You might feel ashamed looking at the pictures () but I look at them and see gorgeous animals who know they are loved and safe.

    I look forward to hearing if the chilli will cure your egg thief . . .


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