Weather or Not

Today has been a mud-drying windy day.  The Old Men are still being put out in a field every morning, and while Haakon goes off to eat, Iacs stands by the gate looking hopeful.  So I gave him a haynet to appease my guilt that I was mean and put him in a field with his best friend.

Good old Haakon. He waits for no man. Not even Iacs.

Being me, I am constantly looking at the weather forecast wondering if Lilja and Sóley will get to travel south on Thursday.  To appease their new owners, because I am not hopeful, I took my big camera over to their field to try and take some nice photos.

And one of Klængur who said “could we start the riding thing again soon, Mum?”. I said I didn’t know and it all depended on his hoof being healed 100% plus a promise of no spooking.  We will see.

I am just praying the wind will turn round (currently standing at Force 7 southerly).  A northerly is better than a southerly for sailing but who knows. I am not the captain of the ship.  Fingers cross, peoples.  They need to go to their new homes….. safely.

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