Old Men Go Out

It was a lovely day today – as in the rain and the wind had both stopped. Ok ,not the warmest but small mercies and all that.  I told Haakon and Iacs that they could not stay in their stable forever.  They disagreed so I put a headcollar on Haakon, and led him to the field. Iacs grudgingly followed, stopping at the feedshed, just in case….. well, you never know.  I gave them very well-soaked fibre block as a reward.

Plus two haynets, which Edna took a fancy to.

Onwards, ever onwards, feeding the Minions, etc and when we returned at lunchtime, I found Iacs waiting. He was disgruntled.

With a hint of optimism. I could tell.

Haakon had gone off for a wander.  I was pleased.

So being the nice person that I am, I put out more hay but not in the haynet where they had to work to get it.

That went down better.  The weather is disintegrating again so I doubt these two will ever leave the stable again. Still, it was nice while it lasted.

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