Not a Wasted Journey

I had to go to Lerwick for a medical appointment.  Half way, while on our travels, I was phoned and it was cancelled (something about missing or cancelled flight up).  Anywho, Floss and I made the decision to continue with our trip to Lerwick.  We had a delivery to make.

Earlier in the week, I had an order from Jamiesons of Shetland’s shop on Commercial Street for four more sheep (they had sold them on Day 1, which was wonderful) but I took a few extra just in case…..

When I reached the shop, I saw that the little field was looking rather empty.  Six sheep had sold. That’s in one week.  Yay!

Polite introductions were made and the new boys swiftly moved in.  The curly-wurlies will be added later to the herd as they might prove popular.

While in Lerwick, we also checked on the state of the puffins too.  Sadly none had sold and I am bit down about that.  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas if they don’t sell?

So that was that.  Chips for lunch and then home.

Now to make more sheep!

13 thoughts on “Not a Wasted Journey

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I’ll buy some puffins as soon as I’ve paid my vets bill!! I think they’re really sweet.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Maybe the Puffins are just in the wrong store to sell. You should take them to the other one and then take some of the sheep to the store where the Puffins where. Reverse things and see how it goes. Sometimes things just catch the eye and sometimes it’s a mystery as to why sometime sells over something else in certain stores.

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    I love your work! Please consider this an order for: a crow, a sheep, and a third surprise critter. Email me please when convenient and tell me price and postage, and I will pay. Wonderful!!

  4. Linda K

    So glad they are selling well. I think though that those sheep need to be accompanied by a sheep dog to keep them in order.

  5. May

    I agree with Margaret. There’s a bit of serendipity in making sales or not. The puffins are small enough to maybe not catch the eye unless they’re on a shelf closer to eye level.

    Are they displayed in a themed box like the sheep pen? If not, maybe make a box with a beach base and a Shetland cliff backdrop. This creates a single larger image to compete with other items in the store, plus tells a story about the product. You could even write up a paragraph-length story about them.

    Tweaking might include attaching some to a keychain or luggage tag or something small-cute-and-useful to tourists. Maybe it’s just not full tourist season yet? Would ones that are smaller or larger sell better? The shop owners have a vested interest in selling your products, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on making more sales.

    They’re so cute!

    1. Frances Post author

      I tried to email you my response but your email does not work. Basically, I have tried to ask….. but failed.

  6. Linda Loba

    Congratulations Frances! Glad the rest of the world is realizing just how cute those sheep are.
    P.S. I bet the puffins will go like hot cakes when the tourists arrive…

  7. Adrianne Hills

    Frances, you will not need to give those puffins away at Christmas for I will need some along with a modest flock of sheep when I come for Wool Week. I’ll email after the SWW class ordering frenzy this Saturday.


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